Featured Project

Design/Build of the Baghdad Police Academy (North) - Mosul, Iraq

IRAQ Project includes construction of complete training facility for 1,000 Iraqi Police Cadets and 100 Instructors with complete site development, football field, parade field...

Water and Sewer

SRTGCC has been involved with numerous water & sewer project throughout the Middle East. Our team of civil and mechanical engineers can design, engineer, and construction project from the simplest water / sewer line network to the most complicated sewage treatment plants.

Partial listing of Water Projects:

BAGHDAD WATER NETWORK UPGRADES - Mahalla 832 - Baghdad, Iraq

This project was in partnership with a U.S. Contractor and the scope of work was for a complete network of about 21km of ductile water pipes. SRTGCC was responsible for all phase of construction including the importing and execution of the work. Project was completed for the U.S. Department of Defence - Joint Contracting Command - Iraq.


Project was constructed in Al-Nasiriya in the south of Iraq which included the supplying of approximately 50,000 cubic meter of concrete and the execution of a major irrigation concrete regulator. The work also included all the Mechanical and Electrical design and construction needed for the erection of the concrete plant. The project was for the supplying of concrete and civil work for a major irrigation siphon under the Euphrates River for the main channel (3rd River) serving central and south parts of Iraq.

Partial listing of Sewer Projects:


SRTGCC was the General Contractor and the project was completed on behalf of UNICEF in Baghdad Iraq and it included the complete rehabilitation of the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works of the plant. The Scope of Work included the maintenance and reconstruction of the civil pumping stations concrete channels, circular sedimentation tanks. Some of the channels were settled about 30 centimetres in the ground which needed the strengthening of the soil underneath by cement injection and the treatment by epoxy. The mechanical aspects of the job was the installation of the new pumps and impellers, the installation and maintenance of scrapers the installation and maintenance of different Gear boxes. The electrical scope of work was the maintenance and installation of complete switch boards and switch gears for the whole project. Maintenance of all the motors for the scraper pumps and aerators was also included in the project. The job was completed within time and to the highest standards.


Two contracts were executed for this project. The first was civil works for the concrete pumping station of the project. The concrete pumping station was done by excavating to a depth of 12 meter underground using sheet piles with bracing and using wells for dewatering the foundation was reinforced concrete over a layer of water proof material. Walls were reinforced concrete with damp proof from the outside, all roofs were reinforced concrete, this pumping station required high technical capacity because of the depth and the type of the work involved.

The second was the laying of the main sewage concrete pipe line 2000mm in diameter for 700 M.L. The laying of the main sewage concrete pipe line required the excavation up to 9 meter depth and due to the nature of the soil and the high water table. A two stage well point system was used for a length of a 200 meter segments to prepare for the laying of the concrete pipes.