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Design/Build of the Baghdad Police Academy (North) - Mosul, Iraq

IRAQ Project includes construction of complete training facility for 1,000 Iraqi Police Cadets and 100 Instructors with complete site development, football field, parade field...

Virtual Construction Management

SRTGCC Central Desktop Project Collaboration Tool

It has been our experience that managing engineering and construction projects with teams in multiple countries can often be challenging not because of the project itself but the difficulty of keeping vital project information available to all relevant parties during the construction process. In a world where many companies try to manage projects by the use of email, we have determined that managing projects by email can be a recipe for disaster.

To overcome this challenge, we have implemented a progressive new Project Management Tool which consists of a VIRTUAL COLLABORATION DESKTOP called CENTRAL DESKTOP. This "virtual desktop" will be made available to all Project Team Members. Users will be able to instantly access up-to-date Submittals, Daily Reports, Drawings, Project Calendars, Project Blogs and other related information pertaining to the project.

Central Desktop is capable of handling multiple projects and our users have found this form of project management in Iraq is much more reliable than traditional email.

SRTGCC Central Desktop Project Collaboration Tool (sample screenshots)