Featured Project

Design/Build of the Baghdad Police Academy (North) - Mosul, Iraq

IRAQ Project includes construction of complete training facility for 1,000 Iraqi Police Cadets and 100 Instructors with complete site development, football field, parade field...


Think Safety First!!! Because We Do...

SRTGCC Group considers accident prevention to be of primary importance in all phases of operations and administration, including subcontractor operations. The goal of the company’s top management is to provide a safe and healthy working environment to its employees and subcontractors, establishing and insisting upon safe work practices at all times.

Compliance with health and safety regulations are of the utmost importance and value to establishing a safe and healthy work environment. SRTGCC’s Safety Manager has the authority to shut down the site if an extremely hazardous situation is found. Compliance is the cornerstone for success on each of our projects and we are proud that SRTGCC has incurred not major injuries on our project sites.

SRTGCC’s Safety Program philosophy stresses the following key items:

  • Safety is not negotiable
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Prevention is more effective and less costly that corrections
  • All accidents/incidents are preventable
  • Effective and continuous Safety Training is critical to process improvement

SRTGC Safety Managers and Project Managers are trained in the following areas:

  • U.S Army Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health Requirements Manual
  • Hazard/Risk Assessments
  • Method Statement Preparation
  • OSHA 40-Hour Course
  • Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training Course for Supervisors
  • Basic Life Support (Adult CPR)
  • First Aide Training
  • Physical and General Site Hazards
  • Hazards Associated with Heavy Equipment
  • Slip/Trip/Fall Hazards
  • Lifting Hazards
  • Tool and Equipment Hazards
  • Heat Stress Hazards
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Working at Height Hazards
  • MSDS Identification