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Design/Build of the Baghdad Police Academy (North) - Mosul, Iraq

IRAQ Project includes construction of complete training facility for 1,000 Iraqi Police Cadets and 100 Instructors with complete site development, football field, parade field...

Electrical Distribution and Transmission

All design work was completed by the U.S. Contractor and all construction was performed by SRTGCC.

SRTGCC was the partner to a U.S. Contractor for the design/build contract for the construction of (14) fourteen new 33/11Kv Substations located throughout Iraq. The project consisted of the complete electrical design, civil design, procurement of electrical equipment, construction of civil works, installation of electrical equipment, commissioning, testing and training for a complete substation. All design work was completed by the U.S. Contractor and all construction was performed by SRTGCC.

Work was performed for the U.S. Government’s Project and Contracting Office - Electrical Sector (PCO) and Joint Contracting Command – Iraq. Construction supervision was by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Electrical Substation Projects


Substation Project Name

Thi Qar Governorate, Iraq Al Aslah 33/11kV Substation
Al Fajer 33/11kV Substation
Al Shatra 33/11kV Substation
Maysan Governorate Al Kheer 33/11kV Substation
Al Rafae 33/11kV Substation
Al Sanaia 33/11kV Substation
Al Zuite 33/11kV Substation
Al Ammara 33/11kV Substation
Missan Plastic 33/11kV Substation
Najaf Governorate, Iraq Al Mutanabi 33/11kV Substation
Al Muthanna Governorate, Iraq Al Romitha 33/11kV Substation
Al Majed 33/11kV Substation
Qadissiyah Governorate, Iraq Al Shamiyah 33/11kV Substation

Partial Electrical Distribution Projects

Twelve (12) new 11kV underground feeders from Karama 33/11kV substation to various locations in the Karama area of the Ninewa Governorate - Project included 31KM of 11kV cable.

New 33kV underground feeders from Opera power substation to Sadoon power substation. Included the supply, installation, testing and placement into service 8 km of 3-phase 33kV underground feeders.

Multiple 11kV and 33kV underground feeders throughout Iraq. Over 150 km of feeder cable installed